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On this page, you will find all the creations that can be ordered online. To do so, you will find, at the bottom of the page, a small form to fill in, which will guarantee you a quick and complete answer concerning the jewellery you want. 

Muti Twist Ring

Muti Twist Ring
Ring composed of 4 smooth and twisted silver rings and a 18 kt gold ring set with a fine stone, color to choose.

Butterfly ring//Earrings Frutti

Butterfly ring
Interlaced gold ring.

Frutti Earrings
Gold and amethyst facetted earrings. Various coloured stones to choose from.

Osiris Ring

Osiris Ring
OSIRIS ring in gold, choice of fine stone

Earrings Frutti//Iris ring

Iris Ring
Gold ring IRIS, color of stone in cabochon cut at choice.
Earrings from the FRUTTI series long gold mesh earrings, choice of fine stone colour.

Snake series

Snake set
Set of the series SNAKE in sterling silver earrings
Necklace barrette SNAKE silver
Snake Ring Silver
version SNAKE diamonds
SNAKE slave bracelet

Frutti Necklace

Clover and Necklace Earrings Frutti
Earrings CLOVER facetted amethysts, gilt setting and fine pearl pendant.
FRUTTI necklace in gold, amethyst and rose cut diamond.

Twist ring

Snake set
Snake bracelet in silver.
Silver Twist Ring composed of 5 silver rings.
Silver Snake earrings.
Silver Snake Tie Necklace.

Clover Earrings

Clover and Necklace Earrings Frutti
Clover earrings made of faceted amethysts, gilt setting and fine pearl pendant.
FRUTTI necklace in gold, amethysts and pink cut diamond

Funky Pearls Earrings

Funky Pearls Earrings
Silver earrings with zirconia and cultured pearls
Silver necklace with mother-of-pearl pin

Ramses Collection

Ramses Collection
In yellow or pink gold, hammered.

Order & request for information

Would you like to order one of these creations? You simply want more information about one of these jewels? Nothing could be easier! Send us an email to vivibehare@yahoo.fr and we will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible.